All requests must be authenticated using one of your organization’s API keys.

Administrators can create and maintain API keys through the settings menu in the dashboard, by going into the API section.

You can create as many API keys as required to suit your different applications and environments. A valid key must be provided with every request, via HTTP basic access authentication, where the key string is the username of the request, and the password is blank.

If you need a separate organization for testing purposes, please contact us at

Testing your API key

You can use the /auth/test endpoint to check that you are formatting your request correctly and that your API key is valid.

curl -X GET "" \
-u "cd3b3de84cc1ee040bf06512d233719c:"
"message": "Hello organization 'yAM*fDkztrT3gUcz9mNDgNOL' hitting Bponi Store from"
Last Updated: 11/29/2021, 10:25:26 PM